How does the recruitment succeed

For recruiting abroad you have different options.
The first important step is to develop a job profile for the vacant position. This should be as precise as possible and specify the professional and personal requirements, only then we can find a suitable employee exactly according to your wishes and ideas.

Key questions for a requirement profile

  •  Which (professional and social) skills are required for the workplace?
  • Which (completed and recognized) vocational training does the specialist have to bring?
  • Which non-certified professional experiences, training and competences may possibly be documented indirectly (by letters, photos or
    other documents)? 

Which country should the professional come from?

To narrow down the search for a specialist, it makes sense for small and medium-sized companies to choose a particular country. The following considerations can help:

  •  Where are the sought-after specialists available?
  •  Where is the qualification level sufficiently high?
  • Does your company already employ skilled workers from abroad, if so, from which country?

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