Values and Compliance

BSB Deutschland GmbH is an institute for lifelong learning. The abbreviation BSB stands for Bildung, Sprache und Beruf (education, language and profession) and offers a comprehensive range of fur-ther education and training courses. With the founding of the company in 2018, the shareholders, the team of lecturers and the administrative staff have set the common goal of bringing people together, successfully and sustainably communicating languages and their culture, and offering a sensible solution to the shortage of skilled workers.

A new international recruitment project was developed for this specific purpose. BSB Deutschland GmbH sees itself as a labor market intermediary and culture broker and, with offers with its "Single Source Solution", a sensible solution for the use of languages as communication, especially in the job-related area and the integration and recognition of immigrants and people with special needs.

BSB Deutschland GmbH provides a high-quality, needs-based, and wide-ranging educational pro-gram at socially acceptable prices for the (new) citizens of the city of Oldenburg, as well as beyond in Germany and in partner countries such as the Philippines, the Western Balkans, South America, China, Vietnam, Great Britain, etc. The focus is on people. The human being is in the center of the education and training.

BSB Deutschland GmbH acts according to the principles of enlightenment, democracy, and human dignity. The promotion of equal opportunities and the reduction of educational deficits and the achievement of equivalence of foreign educational qualifications in Germany are part of the mis-sion oriented to the common good. The educational offers are basically open to all people regard-less of ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, or sexual identity. In addition to individuals, our customers and business partners include companies, associations, clubs, and public institu-tions.

Continuing education in the sense of lifelong learning is indispensable today to successfully meet the requirements of social, economic and technological change. Good language skills are the key to integration into society and the labor market. Common languages also help people from different backgrounds to live peacefully together and are an important means of communication.

To counteract the shortage of skilled workers in a meaningful way, BSB Deutschland GmbH sup-ports skilled workers from Germany and abroad with qualification and further training for the first labor market. It supports employers and employees on the way to company integration and career management, as well as accompanying them to authorities.

Our educational work is based on a holistic understanding of education. For this reason, the educa-tional institute is not only a center for further education and training but is also understood as a place of culture and encounter. Since its foundation in 2018, BSB Deutschland GmbH, with its par-ent company Academy of English GbR (founded in 2010), has been firmly anchored in the cultural and social life of the city of Oldenburg.

BSB Deutschland GmbH is independent of partisan, political and religious interests and is a sup-porter of the Diversity Charter together with the Association for the Promotion of Diversity. The Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions.

We work strictly according to established quality objectives to meet the demands of the partici-pants through customer orientation and quality teaching, as well as to take into account individual educational needs, social needs, trends and educational regulations when planning the educational program.

Demand-oriented, price-conscious, and high-quality training offers and the deployment of quali-fied and committed personnel form the basis for us to survive on the market as a competitive ser-vice provider and to confirm the trust placed in us. Cost-effectiveness and resource orientation are important foundations of our work. We continuously improve our services by:

  • • Optimization of work processes and the organization of work and courses
  • • Further education and training of the staff
  • • Quality assurance and development
  • • Further development of public relations and marketing
  • • Advice on subsidies

BSB Deutschland GmbH has a pool of lecturers at its disposal who possess professional and adult pedagogical competencies. The type, number and equipment of the classrooms ensure modern, pedagogical criteria for appropriate teaching and learning. The educational institution guarantees a high quality media and technical equipment standard, which is regularly adapted to the latest sci-entific and practical standards

Especially in times when the gathering of people in a classroom cannot be guaranteed, BSB Deutschland GmbH has very good experience teaching online classes, which can be accessed worldwide and are taught by experienced instructors and offered with reliable technology.

Our dedicated and qualified administrative staff is available and takes care of the event manage-ment. Barrier-free access to all classrooms is ensured. We are present in the Oldenburg region as well as nationwide and offer an educational program close to the people and the easily accessible possibility of registering for courses, seminars, and events.

Daily (Mon.-Fri.) continuous registration hours from 09:00 to 17:00 enable easy access for citizens. Our customer-friendly business conditions form an important foundation for our high-quality ser-vice. The management, together with employees, business partners and customers, attaches great importance to compliance with the (national and international) Code of Conduct and other compliance guidelines and values, which are published on our homepage and thus accessible to all.

The course locations are easy to reach by public transport, and there are also sufficient parking spaces available in the immediate vicinity. Regular and free educational and learning web counsel-ing as well as the necessary placement tests and needs analyses for the selection of the right edu-cational and integration offer are part of the service. As an educational institute with cultural event forms, we coordinate with the content and time needs of the customers and create opportunities for cultural exchange and networking. BSB Deutschland GmbH also offers courses during the Lower Saxony vacation season (including summer courses / intensive training).

Group sizes tailored to the needs of the students enable the instructors to consider individual learning styles and thus to implement demand-oriented teaching methods. The acquisition of a wide range of nationally and internationally recognized certificates and examinations enables par-ticipants to obtain not only certificates of participation from the institute, but also certified de-grees. Our tailor-made educational offers for companies, associations, foundations, and public clients also take into account in-house training and the special technical orientation of the courses.

The administrative staff and the teachers are continuously trained according to current needs and are accompanied by the pedagogical staff through supervision meetings as well as regular team discussions and teaching controls to check the quality of teaching and to identify further training needs.

In our view, learning is successful when

  • • people actively participate in the learning process, enjoy learning and are motivated to continue learning,
  • • personal, social, cultural and communicative competencies and knowledge are acquired in a sustainable manner, these can be applied in everyday life and / or at work and contribute to strengthening individual ability to act,
  • • examinations are successfully passed.

The German healthcare system is dependent on the recruitment of personnel from abroad. This requires strict adherence to a code of conduct to ensure fair and ethical international recruitment, placement and employment of foreign personnel.

BSB Deutschland GmbH and all its business and cooperation partners, in particular the employers of healthcare professionals, voluntarily undertake to comply with this code and to pass it on and follow it at all levels of the company/institution.

BSB Deutschland GmbH is commissioned by employers from the healthcare sector to implement the various service packages that require compliance with the Code of Conduct as mandatory. To this end, BSB Deutschland GmbH checks as far as possible whether the motivation, the common goals and the contractual obligations and behaviors comply with the code.

The foreign employees go through a transparent and fair hiring process, as well as an appropriate working environment with the preservation of all promised hiring conditions based on the same rights and obligations as for German colleagues and employees in Germany. Respectively, the for-eign health care professionals commit themselves as employees to fulfill their obligations towards the personnel service agency BSB Deutschland GmbH and the employers.

The code is based on the WHO guidelines for the international recruitment of health professionals, which - in addition to compliance with international human rights conventions - represent the highest guideline for the cooperation between the business partners. Furthermore, the business partners undertake to comply with the laws and agreements of all partner countries involved in the recruitment and placement process, especially regarding labor and immigration laws.

The right of the individual to work in the German health care system must be respected. It is of absolute importance that the legitimate interests and responsibilities of healthcare professionals, the countries of origin and the employers in Germany do not come into conflict with each other.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, BSB Deutschland GmbH and its above-mentioned partners are also committed to complying with the ILO Core Labor Standards, including the ILO General Princi-ples and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and the IRIS Standards of the International Organization of Migration.

The following principles should be emphasized:

  • • Respect for the law, fundamental principles and rights in the workplace.
  • • Respect for ethical and professional behavior and cooperation
  • • Prohibition of fees and costs for foreign professionals ("no fee policy" for the employee and "employer pays" principle)
  • • Respect for the freedom of movement / free movement of persons
  • • Full transparency regarding employment conditions in the healthcare sector in Germany
  • • Respect for confidentiality and data protection
  • • Zero tolerance principle for discrimination

BSB Deutschland GmbH provides an easily accessible complaints management system for its busi-ness partners and recruited specialist personnel in order to initiate immediate countermeasures, e.g. in the event of a violation of the Code.

BSB Germany reserves the right to take disciplinary action against employees and business part-ners who violate the Code. As a consequence of a violation, contractual relationships can also be terminated, for example.

The Code of Conduct can be adapted at any time in accordance with the requirements of the Quali-ty Seal (see also: and applies in the latest version to all business partners, employees and workers.


Principles for the recruitment of specialists from third countries and minimum requirements for compliance with human rights, migration and labor law.

An important part of our corporate culture is that we do not only act in accordance with legal re-quirements, but also commit ourselves to ethical standards. We treat our fellow human beings and the environment with respect and protect them.

BSB Deutschland GmbH and its business partners are committed to social responsibility in an open and fair recruitment process of healthcare professionals from the European Union and third coun-tries.

The following principles of social responsibility apply as a guideline for all involved partners, employees and professionals from EU and third countries. They are a requirement for all parties in-volved, and at the same time a promise to the outside world. To achieve these goals, BSB Deutsch-land GmbH and its business partners confirm that they will comply with human rights, migration and labor laws in connection with the recruitment of professionals from EU and third countries and that they will also follow important principles:

We behave in a law-abiding manner.

Law-abiding conduct is in line with our convictions. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate. If necessary, there may be legal requirements that the home country of the foreign employees may impose on the international migration of workers. Our business partners comply with these requirements and implement them in the best possible synchronization with the domestic legal framework.

Unlawful conduct is not an option and not in the interest of our company, because it is unethical, leads to serious reputational damage and can result in criminal prosecution, damages and loss of contracts.

Employees who act unlawfully must be aware that they themselves are at risk of criminal prosecu-tion.

Every employee is obliged to inform him/herself about the regulations applicable in his/her area of responsibility and to comply with them. In cases of doubt, the relevant manager must be consulted for clarification.

We apply the general principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment of the ILO and also the IRIS standards of the International Organization of Migration.

We are committed to the Code of Conduct and the ILO and IRIS standards and expect all business partners to commit to these values as well. The right to adequate remuneration is recognized for all employees of the business partner (ILO Convention No. 100). Remuneration and other benefits (social benefits, vacation, etc.) consider the principle of fairness and correspond at least to the respective national legal standards or the level of the national economic sectors / industries.

Zero Tolerance Principle for Discrimination and Forced Labor.

Our primary goal is to ensure a commitment to non-discriminatory practices in the workplace where all qualified applicants and employees have an equal right to employment and advance-ment opportunities regardless of color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any other category covered by applicable laws.

Foreign professionals and their colleagues are provided with a work environment free from har-assment (sexual harassment, bullying, etc.).

Business partners are expected to help ensure that the work environment remains free of har-assment and that a protected complaint procedure is easily accessible.

We stand by social responsibility and sustainability.

BSB Deutschland GmbH is aware of its social and societal responsibility. Beyond compliance with legal requirements, we make a voluntary contribution to the sustainable development of our com-pany and our environment.

In addition to quality, efficiency and enthusiasm, humanity is at the center of our actions.

Despite our striving for success, we are never ruthless. We see ourselves as open, loyal to our business partners and employees, reliable and with integrity.

As a company, we know that we also have a social obligation. We create space for the develop-ment of each of us and we recognize and appreciate performance.

We keep the long-term impact in mind in everything we do. Resource conservation, energy effi-ciency, environmental protection and employee internal development secure our future. Through our sincere and sustainable behavior, we also want to set an example internationally and contrib-ute to making the world based on the division of labor better.

We strictly reject bribery and corruption.

Bribery and corruption are illegal and unethical. Both are associated with high risk for our employ-ees and our company. Bribery and corruption pose an existential threat to the company and are therefore not an option and must be avoided. We do not offer our business partners any improper advantages and do not accept any such advantages. We understand acts of corruption to include the involvement of third parties / intermediaries, payment of bribes, kick-back payments, etc.

We are cautious about accepting and giving gifts and other benefits (including invitations to meals or events). Under no circumstances may these be designed in such a way that their acceptance is outside the scope of customary hospitality, custom and courtesy.

We are committed to fair competition.

Competition can only function if it is free and fair. Coordinated competitive behavior works against competition. Therefore, we do not coordinate our competitive behavior with competitors. We comply with the laws on the protection of competition. It is prohibited to agree on prices and con-ditions, to divide up markets and regions, to allocate customers and to coordinate supply, devel-opment or production strategies.

We respect material property and protect intellectual property.

We treat the property of our own and other companies responsibly. We respect the integrity of our business partners. We respect the intellectual property of third parties. We therefore treat business secrets with particular care. It must be ensured that confidential information is not dis-closed to unauthorized third parties.

This also applies to confidential information received from our business partners.

We handle personal data confidentially.

We use the personal data of our employees and contractual partners only for the purposes for which they are made available to us and treat them confidentially. BSB Deutschland GmbH fully complies with all laws governing the protection of personal data.

We document correctly and promptly.

Internal and external reports must be correct and complete so that the recipients are properly informed. In doing so, we adhere to the presentation of facts and a factual manner of expression.

Documents required for ongoing or anticipated internal investigations or official inquiries must not be destroyed, removed or altered.

We protect people and the environment.

We place the highest demands on the quality and safety of our services and products. We monitor the quality of our services and products on the market and support our partners in avoiding haz-ards. We advocate and support the observance of internationally recognized human rights.

We ensure a safe working environment. Safety regulations are to be strictly adhered to and checked for their effectiveness. Abuses are to be reported and eliminated without delay.

We use natural resources sparingly and strive to use our products sparingly. We avoid harmful ef-fects on the environment. Compliance with the laws for the protection of the environment is a matter of course for us.

We support the interests of BSB Deutschland GmbH.

We separate business and private interests. Secondary business activities require the prior consent of the management of BSB Deutschland GmbH. This applies in particular to secondary activities for competitors, customers or suppliers of BSB Deutschland GmbH or financial interests in them. If close family members are involved in such activities or holdings, this must be disclosed. Further-more, we do not use our activities to obtain private benefits. The commissioning of business part-ners for private purposes is to be avoided. Business partners may not be favored for private inter-ests.

We respect cultures and attitudes.

We are part of a global society. Therefore, respect for other cultures and values is a matter of course for us. We treat each other fairly, respectfully and openly. We reject discrimination. We are politically neutral within the company.

We communicate in a coordinated manner.

Only authorized persons may make official statements on behalf of BSB Germany. Statements concerning the Group must be coordinated with the Corporate Communications department in Oldenburg before publication.

We comply with the requirements of the "Fair Recruitment" seal of quality.

The seal of approval is a state seal of the Federal Republic of Germany (here: the Federal Ministry of Health) for the recruitment of nursing staff from third countries. It is published by the Kuratori-um Deutsche Altershilfe Wilhelmine-Lübke-Stiftung e.V. (KDA) and, as part of the measures of the Concerted Action on Nursing, by the German Competence Center for International Professionals in the Health and Nursing Professions (DKF).

The seal of approval provides all parties involved with the greatest possible overview of reliable information, transparency and fairness for all parties involved as indispensable core values of a solid and appreciative cooperation. From the placement and recruitment process to on-the-job training and integration, standards are set for foreign caregivers and thus a foundation for a suc-cessful project.

The seal of quality is awarded by RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräf-ten aus dem Ausland e. V. (RAL Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Care Workers from Abroad). The catalog of requirements lists criteria in various areas that guar-antee ethically acceptable recruitment of care workers from abroad and greater transparency in the placement process.

BSB Deutschland GmbH obligates its cooperation and service partners to comply with all specified criteria and minimum requirements of the quality seal.

Further information on the quality seal and the detailed indicators of the quality seal can be found at: