How to integrate professionals permanent

The recruiting process is very time-consuming for you as a company as well as for the foreign specialist. Should this pay off and the new employee be permanently integrated into your company, an integration concept is indispensable. From the very first day on, and even before, you can give the specialist the feeling of being welcome in your company.
A welcome culture that conveys appreciation and support in the difficult initial phase is crucial for a quick familiarization with the work processes, high motivation and a close, long-term commitment to your company.

A successfully established welcome culture

A good welcome culture is the key to a successful one Integration of new employees. Even before the arrival of the foreign specialist, such a welcome culture can be built up in the company. If it is possible to see the international specialist as an asset to the company, the integration will be easier. Here, first of all, company management is required, which can reduce reservations and convey a positive attitude.


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